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We focus on curly hair.
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We have curly hair... and we love it!


Some common sense guidelines to keep in mind when posting pictures:
  1. If your pictures will bring up a new window, especially one that has pop ups, give us a heads up!
  2. Use the tag if you are posting more than a couple pics at once. Everyone appreciates it.
  3. Your camera is probably set up to take HUGE pictures by default. Use the Crop and Resize features in your imaging software. Crop will cut off uninteresting edges of a picture, while Resize will make the whole thing shrink or expand.
  4. I think it goes without saying, but no nudity in pictures, please. This is a family- and kid-friendly community.
  5. Please do not promote your unrelated community here. You can do that at [info]community_promo among other places. Update July 20 2004: Users who pimp their communities here will be banned without warning. It's really annoying and no one likes it.
  6. You can post about any products you want, just make sure they are related to curly hair.

curlyhair wants curlies from all kinds of backgrounds! No matter what your race, color, religion, culture, sex, or orientation we love all curly people!


If you need any help or have any concerns about the community, please contact one of the maintainers.

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